Fear of Failure

I went on a rampage last year and wrote four novels. Now that they've been contracted, I'm finally working on a new novel. But, the process is painful, tortorously so. I'm so worried that now that I've published, everything else I create will never measure up. Even so, I force myself to write at least one page a day, but it's like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, to use a shopworn line.

Any of you other pubbed authors feel that way?


Elisabeth Naughton said...

I think all writers have this fear, Jen. I had it when I signed with my agent. Couldn't write anything for like 2 months because I was afraid nothing would be as good as the book she signed me with. Finally hunkered down and it took me about 8 mo. to finish the next book. Since then I've picked up, and luckily, I didn't go through this fear thing again after I sold - I've been working nonstop since. Part of htat though is that my new editor ended up accepting (and loving) that second book I agonized over for eight months in my deal.

Fear is a natural part of this journey. It's okay to feel it, to accept it, but you should never give into it. Keep writing. Even if - like you said - it's only a page a day.

Congrats again on The Wedding War being #1 at The Wild Rose!

Judith Leger said...

Definitely. I found that when I go through very, very stressful times, I write more. This is my vent for the stress. Then again when I do something major like send off a manuscript and as I wait to hear something, I freeze and can't write anything. I want to but the mental functions that give me the ability to put words on the page disappears.

This'll past and yes, you can write. You wouldn't have the contracts if you didn't have the talent!

Major hugs to you!