LETTING LUCE gets another great review!!!!

Letting Luce by Jenny Gilliam is a peach of a book. It is spicy, and yet written with a gentle humour and sensitivity that makes you smile, laugh, and enjoy the situations the pair of friends find themselves mixed up in as buddies, co-workers, and then as lovers. Luce and Rory are a match made in heaven, both as casual friends, and as lovers, and yet the latter is not what either of them are looking for at the start. They are best friends, began that way, and until the fateful day Lucy decided to seduce Rory online where she thought she would be safe, things were sailing along smoothly. Neither Lucy nor Rory are prepared for the next events in the sequence they started, and the cascade of reactions are funny, sad, and yet bring them both closer than they wish to admit. Author Jenny Gilliam has a real winner in Letting Luce, and it gets really huge marks, and is very high on my recommendation list. You can find Letting Luce at Amira Press, so you know what to do…go on now, you won’t regret the purchase!

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