Back in the Saddle Again....

I finished my last novel sometime near October. Since then, I've been editing, submitting, editing, receiving rejections (^&!@), and editing some more. Now that I've finished the edits for my second MS and shipped it to my editor, it's time to start that fifth novel.
I sat poised at my laptop this morning, sweat greasing my palms, my hands poised above the keyboard. I jumped in. And reread what I thought was absolute crapola.
Then I said, "Keep going, Jenny. Keep going. Ya ain't gonna get nothin' done if you don't jump back on the saddle." Nice self talk for a writer, huh? I don't need no edumacation.
So, I pressed further, sweating out 7 painstaking pages. Each reread and spot edit helped, but didn't ease my discomfort. My doubt.
But, as Stephen King say (paraphrasing here) "Keep doing it, even if feels like you're shoveling shit from a sitting position."


Aithne said...

Hi Jenny,

Okay, so I'm really bad. Just wanted to leave a comment to remind you about Break~Time Romance and the opportunity to feature Wedding War.

Your latest post was entertaining because we've all been there. My editor insists that editing and writing are two separate accomplishments. (Editing: left brain ~ Writing: right brain)

So I thought I'd share this amusing link with you.