The Drive

I'm a fairly prolific writer. Last year, I busted out 3 full length novels. All while taking care of my two very small children. This isn't including edits, of which there were/are many. Yes, the fruits of my labor, so to speak, paid off with the impending publication of my first novel.However, there are days when I the idea of sitting down at my desk (or couch, now, since my home PC decided to commit suicide) fill my stomach with dread. Of course, this extends into other areas of my life; i,e, cleaning the house. Or sometimes, I find so many things to do around the house, that I just couldn't possibly make the time to write/edit. It also works the other way around, BTW. Now, I'm making a career out of writing. I've also made a career out of being a stay-at-home-mom. So, why do I feel guilty when I spend my free time writing instead of cleaning or doing something useful around the house?