Well, I finally heard back from the editor looking over my fourth MS. Can you sing it with me? R-E-J-E-C-T-I-O-N! On the plus side, she did say that if I fixed some of the problems she'd be happy to look at it again.

So, now I actually have something to do since my writing is at a virtual stand-still. May submit to my other publisher. Not sure. Or try and get an agent. But I'm so flippin' terrified I won't write another novel, 'cause the words just aren't coming.



Devon Gray said...

They'll come, Jenny! If you drink wine, there is one called "Writer's Block". Now, it may be pshychological, but I'm convinced it works. Or maybe I just like wine. Hee Hee. I'm sorry about the rejection, but I know you'll find a place for it. I am having to rewrite large sections of one right now as well. Sigh.

Jenny Gilliam said...

Thank you, Devon. Isn't rewriting fun?