LETTING LUCE Gets a 4/5 Heart Review From Nightowl Romance!

Lucy Hollister has been lusting after her best friend Rory for the past two years. She's far from his normal type, but when she finds out he has one of those personal web pages on the internet she decides to take her fantasizing to a more personal level. When he finds out it's her how will she handle it? Can they go beyond friendship without losing what they once had? Rory Carlisle has built walls around his heart thanks to his brother and his ex-girlfriend, who he found in bed together. Since then he's been playing the field keeping things light. When he finds out that his best friend Lucy has the hots for him he can no longer deny just how much he wants her. When a mysterious woman approaches him online he decides to see if she can keep his mind of how badly he wants Lucy. When he finds out it's her he decides to play along. The question is can he lower his guard enough to let her in?Letting Luce was a heartfelt story with strong characters. I liked that they had flaws, and knew it. To see them working towards overcoming them in the end makes you root for them to succeed. I would recommend picking this one up if you like sassy women.