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Creatures of the night… the timeless mystery…

One of the most popular genres around is the paranormal, with heroes who are not quite human many times. We are taking traditional monsters, and turning them into seductive and alluring beings who appeal and touch forbidden desires. Why the need to extend being mortal men and women? To reach for a timeless creature who will never age, or who possesses power beyond the power to love?

I enjoy writing vampires as heroes, oddly, I’m not wild about reading them. How strange does that make me, I wonder??? Never mind, don’t need to know! *lol* I think for me, a lot of the “magic” was spoiled when the trend toward changing the lost creature of the night back into a mere mortal began. It’s the mystique of the unknown, the taming of the wild, inhuman spirit by the overwhelming force of pure love that is really the appeal in all this for me. Also, how many times have you read a story where the long-suffering vampire is noble and hates himself? This is a nice plot device, and serves well for some stories, but realistically would anyone who’d been around for hundreds of years really be noble, self-sacrificing, or all that moral? We’re talking again about beings who exist outside of the realms and constraints of our laws and day to day rituals of life. Isn’t it more “realistic” to assume time itself would teach them they can operate “above the law” and then some!

There is an ageless allure to taming the beast, be it real or mythical, and it works well in fiction, films, and television. It elevates our baser instincts into something a little more noble and honourable in many ways and appeals to the nurturer in all people, most especially women.

I have a number of vampire titles in my catalogue, so drop by my website and have a look. My vampires are not always nice, but they are always compelling and powerful, and very sexy. The book I am currently working on is a vampire romance, set in Sicily, with an ancient Prince as the hero… It’s called “A Perfect Beauty” and I think it will be one of the best things I’ve ever written!

Thanks for chatting today, I am really looking forward to your thoughts about this topic, and in a few days, we’ll pull a name and you can select one of the vampire tales on my site as a prize!! Talk to you soon, and watch the shadows… you never know what might be waiting there to steal your heart, your life, and your will to resist!!!


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Debra St. John said...

There is something definitely sexy about vampires! I'm not all about redeeming the vampire, rather I like stories when the heroine becomes a vampire herself and joins the hero as a creature of the night. And I guess I'm the opposite of you *g*, I love reading vampire stories, but wouldn't know where to begin writing one. Thanks for the post.

Jenny Gilliam said...

I feel similarly, Debra. I like it when the female turns vampire in the end. I love vampires as heroes. In fact, I'm pretty sure I want to be one. LOL

Shiela said...

Great post, Denyse!

I am a big lover of vamppires but oddly enough have only recently began writing about them. There is definitely something sexy about vampires, and maybe it is the bad boy persona, or maybe its something more.

I like my male vampires a little dangerous and just a tad over the line of bad. But mostly, I like making my female vampires into tough bitches that take no guff from anyone. LOL

Faith said...

I love a good vampire movie. Just re-watched Dracula 2000 a couple of nights ago. Even though Dracula was a bad guy in it, too, the fella playing him was too darn sexy!

Been a while since I've read a vamp novel, though. Hmm....

Caffey said...

Hi Denyse!!
Hi Jenny, great to meet you!
I got your msg about your post up here and sorry I missed you yesterday. I didn't see the email til today that you would be here!

As you know, I so love your vampire books! (And many of the others!). I just love to escape within them and let the creative world you write bring me all the joy! DESCENT INTO DARKNESS is one of my favorites of yours. See before this one, I had read many that were vampire romance, but didn't read one that was as dark as this one and I was just swept into it! Plus as I love historicals and this was a historical vampire book! I often remember scenes and I drift off remembering. Its hard to explain, but it being so unique, so different and too with your writing voice that I've come to so enjoy reading, that its one I love to recommend!

Denysé said...

Hey everyone! Many, many thanks for the lovely comments, so nice to see so many great thoughts.

Debra, yes, I agree, there is something very sexy about vampires. They make intriguing heroes, always.

Jenny - like you, more appealing when the hero and heroine end up sharing the night, not being "saved" and made mortal again.... we're all mortal, where's the fantasy in that?

Shiela - thank you for coming by. You and I share similar views of the vampire hero, and so much more!

Faith - my favourite incarnation of Dracula is the version done by Frank Langella.... so sexy!!!

Cathie - what can I say to you, my sweet friend? You are always in my corner, friend and fan, and you are cherished. It's always a pleasure to hear your thoughts on my efforts, and there will never be words adequate to express my admiration for you and your endless courage... you're an amazing lady!

Thanks again to Jenny for having me as her guest, and to everyone who came by to share a moment with us!

Love, hugs, and Blessings to all!!