Please Welcome Laurean Brooks!

And her fantastic-looking novel, Journey To Forgiveness, available TODAY at The Wild Rose Press. I'm pleased to have such a fine author as a guest! Read on for more....

May 1938
When Southern-born Jenny Hinson's abusive father deserts his family, the brunt of running a fifty-acre farm falls to Jenny and her mother. Twelve acres of cotton are the family's mainstay. When the crop is infested with boll weevils, Jenny has no option but to accept an invitation from an aunt in Chicago, to move north to seek employment. Her mother and younger siblings are depending on her.
Her first unfamiliar jolt of electricity pales in comparison to the jolt that shakes Jenny when she encounters the charming, but dubious, Austin Grant at a train depot in Kankakee. When Jenny spies Austin running away with her vanity case, she yells for the guard to apprehend him. Why did he want a young woman's luggage?
Imagine Jenny's shock when Austin appears behind the podium at her aunt's church, begging for money for a tornado-stricken town. Jenny determines not to give one cent to this shyster! And furthermore she will join the mission trip to the rural town, to keep an eye on Austin. She will expose him whateve it takes.
But Jenny has other issues. Recurring nightmares from the beatings she endured at her father's hand. Beatings that have left her with anger toward men. Especially men like Austin Grant.
So why can't Jenny report Austin when she spies him removing a roll of money from the mission strongbox? Has she fallen for this thief?
Is it possible for a victim to forgive her abuser? Will Jenny hold onto hurt and forfeit her chance for a future with the man she loves? Or will she face her abuser and let go of her bitterness?

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise." Jenny looked up to lock eyes with the thief she had encountered in Kankakee. His blue eyes danced with mischief. "I never did get your name."
To avoid drawing attention, Jenny hissed just above a whisper, "Get away from me!"
"Sorry, we got off to a bad start. Do you think we could begin again?" He chuckled.
"Over my dead body!" Jenny spat, and glanced toward the ladies' room. Where was her aunt when she needed her?
"I would want that. You are much too cute. You don't really believe I wanted that vanity case?" His brows rose when she didn't respond. "How long will you be in Chicago?"
A "drop dead" glare, but still no response.
"Are you ready?" A stout middle-aged man nodded at the man hovering near her table.
"Be right with you," Jenny's unwelcome guest replied before turning back to her. "Who knows, we could meet again," he crooned. "I've heard that good things come in threes." He winked, then swaggered out the door.
Available in e-book at on November 14, 2008 and in print on February 20, 2009.

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Ever since Laurean Brooks' fifth grade teacher announced, "Some day Laurie will become an author," Laurean has loved to read and write. But as sometimes happens, life got in the way. Several decades passed. Then 2002 Laurean submitted a story to a local magazine, it was published, and the writing bug bit. Since that day, Laurean has written a collection of stories from childhood to pass on to her grandchildren (if she ever has any. Hint-hint.)
She believes that so much is lost down through the generations. And personality can leap off a page. Forty years from now when her great-grandchildren ask their grandfather to, "Tell me about Grandmother Laurie," her son can dust off a green, nylon-covered binder, pull the little ones onto his lap, and read the hilarious, though sometimes serious accounts of a spirited woman who laughed, cried, and loved life--once upon a time.
Today, she is the author of JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS, a novel that deals with the struggle to overcome the after-effects of abuse. Check it out on The Wild Rose press site at


Skhye said...

Great excerpt! And I'm certain all those stories in that dusty green binder will be published. Just hang in there. We both know nothing happens overnight in publishing. ;)

Jenny Gilliam said...

I agree with Skhye, Laurean. Thanks so much for your post! I enjoyed reading your excerpt. Sounds like a great book! Congrats on the new release.

Ashley Ladd said...

Enticing excerpt and fantastic interview. My congrats, too.

Laurean Brooks said...

Thank you, Ashley. Congratulations on you already being published.

I enjoyed writing JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS. It feels as if I poured my heart and soul into the book. Immediately after I finished it, I was emotionally drained. I wondered if there was even another book in me.

But within a month, other ideas began to surface. I am working on a short story (but it could turn into something longer), and I have also written the first two chapters of a time travel (paranormal).

Who are you published with? I would love to read excerpts.