Guess the Release! "The Seventh Taboo" by Yvonne Eve Wallus

The Seventh Taboo - Guess the release date!

The Kudos:

"A brilliant story! I want more!" - Nalini Singh, New York Times Bestselling Author of Hostage to Pleasure

The Seventh Taboo by Yvonne Walus hooked me from the first paragraph, drawing me into a world of virtual reality and beyond, where the reader begins to wonder if this too could be our future. ~ Jane Beckenham, author of Love in Waiting,

"In a world where connection is forbidden, human interaction is predominantly virtual, and clones are formatted for their future, the only unplanned, unprogrammed, and unexpected outcome…is true love." ~ N. D. Hansen-Hill, author of Gilded Folly.

The Blurb:

You know he is out there - somewhere. Your soul mate. Your other self. All you need to do is find him and you'll feel complete the way you've never felt complete before.

Except that finding him is strictly forbidden.
Finding him would break the Seventh Taboo.

And then, one night, you meet him. Every hormone and every cell in your body shouts that he's the lost half of yourself you've been searching for. Your logic disagrees. Which are you going to believe? The primeval instinct or your training? Your heart or your mind?

To what lengths will you go, what risks will you take, to prove to yourself that he is the one?

Enter the world of cloning, scientific experiments and toying with people's lives. Enter the world in which your every movement, online as well as offline, is scrutinised by your live-in Monitor. Enter the future which could well be ours one day.

The contest:

“The Seventh Taboo” by Yvonne Eve Walus is going to be published by The Wild Rose Press. When? I don’t know yet. I do know it’s “in the bag”, with final edits and the cover all done, but other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

So here is a contest for you. Email me on yve at xtra dot co dot nz with your pot shot at the release date (the time zone is that of the Wild Rose Press website). The person who comes up with the closest guess will receive the book free. In case of a tie, I’ll spin a coin. J


Jane Beckenham said...

Hey Yvonne, what a great contest. I've emailed you my guess. And yes, every word i said in my kudos for The Seventh Taboo is true. It really is a new world order. Could it be ours one day? And more to the point, would we want a world like this?

Jane Beckenham

Mary Ricksen said...

I'd be breakin' all the rules if I was there! Good luck with sales.

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

Mary, I love breaking rules, LOL. Show me a book with "forbidden" or "taboo" in it, and I'll buy it....

ddurance said...

I couldn't get through on the email address, so I'm guessing December 30.